Who got to JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis???

When I was sixteen – way way back when local libraries were tiny and the only way to get there was to walk – one evening I arrived at the Reservoir library soon before closing time. I was anxious, and quickly found the map section. I’m talking about large maps: 1 m x 1 m. I […]

Writing what I want to read

So what did I decide to write about when I first started to write seriously?I felt a sense of total freedom as I asked myself this question. I had my imagination and I knew how to write. (I mean ‘write’ not write skilfully.) So what would I most like to read about? If anything could […]

Commas and what makes good writing

To me, ‘good writing’ is something that interests me – either because of the style of writing, and/or because of what is being said. Good writing translates as easy reading that beckons you to continue reading paragraph after paragraph and page after page. For this to happen the reading needs to be fluent. When it […]

My writing journey – the beginning

To all my potential readers, welcome. I am writing this Blog to create more activity on my website. I am aiming to enthuse those of you who have an interest in: Writing, reading, and especially personal writing ranging from journaling to true stories and memoirs, and Our experience of writing. Writing began to become a […]