My writing journey – the beginning

To all my potential readers, welcome. I am writing this Blog to create more activity on my website. I am aiming to enthuse those of you who have an interest in:

  • Writing, reading, and especially personal writing ranging from journaling to true stories and memoirs, and
  • Our experience of writing.

Writing began to become a serious pursuit of mine when Lilette was pregnant with Christopher. My sleep was disturbed at night and I would get up and sit at our new computer – this was twenty years ago – and write. For some reason totally unknown to me now, while sitting at that computer, on a flimsy chair staring at a small screen, I asked myself the question: if I could select anything at all to read about in a story, what would it be?

So what had got me to this point? I wasn’t disillusioned with available books. Perhaps I wanted to challenge myself!

For 39 years I had ploughed through life without taking writing seriously. I had loved reading, particularly when I was younger. In fact books had inspired me. I had been a literary snob, however. If a book was extremely popular I wouldn’t touch it. I remember when I was about 15, in the school library and listening to the wisdom of the librarian, and then of a good friend, and then another friend, who had all told me I must read Lord of the Rings. I said no, no way. A year or so later I finally relented (after 3 dismal attempts of trying the first few pages). Six days later I had finished all 1400 pages.

Other than this I wrote a little. I wrote ‘the Second Version of the Time Machine’ and a few other stories. Then I penned journal-like collections of miscellaneous thoughts. When I was in my final two years of secondary schooling the quantity of my writing increased immensely. My focus became the occasional very short story, many poems, thoughts about girls I had a crush on and my longings to get to know them better (I hardly knew how to talk to girls), and my thoughts about the world and life. The writing stopped when school finished, relationships and further studies took my time, and then I married. It didn’t resume in any significant way until I sat at the computer that fateful night.

So what did I write about? Two things, and they will be the subject of my next entry, alongside the process of their creation.


  • Cath

    I love this post in particular Greg. Funnily enough, last weekend I had a re-union with 3 very special friends from High School. During the years of my life from 15-36 I was a diary obsessed junkie and wrote about every single event in my life and more significantly how I felt about all those events. Over the weekend we re-read my diary of the times we were friends. We were 17, young, free and so passionate about everything. It was priceless and captured so closely how we all felt at the time. Since 36 I have written sporadically and now feel sad that something so important in my life has stopped in recent years. I hope the inspiration comes back.

    • Greg Hill

      Thanks Cath. Writing was like that for me, too, at exactly that age.

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