‘What is proofreading?’ you may wonder. With our proofreading services, after we receive your document we will go through it slowly and steadily, as an independent writer and reader, and pass judgement. We will be looking to see if it is ready – if it is polished, consistent and professional and clear. Usually the document has been copyedited before proofreading (and as few as a couple of dozen errors may be found). Sometimes it has not been copyedited and much more is needed. (We have had documents with up to 3000 errors.)

Professional Proofreading and Copyediting Services

Proofreading is essential, and almost always the proofread needs to be done by someone other than the original author(s). It is what we must do when we think everything is finished, just that final checking for mistakes and anything else which might have been overlooked – ranging from formatting issues to consistency of formatting, spelling and expression. Sounds simple, unimportant – but it is essential! No one enjoys encountering errors that stop the flow of reading and make us think, ‘Hey, what’s wrong with this? Can I trust this author?’
Before proofreading you will need someone to go through the entire document and copyedit. Our professional proofreading will do this also.

Why Choose Us To Proofread?

ID:87761960We live and work from Frankston, Melbourne, and we are approachable at our premises. (By appointment only.) Our proofreading (and editing) services are exceptional, which is why businesses, authors and publishers come back to us. We are diligent, careful and efficient. We know what the Australian writing conventions are and we ensure they have been used consistently and without errors. We know it is ‘favour’ not ‘favor’, ‘analyse’ and not ‘analyze’, and that if you want your book published in the US or UK then the rules change. If your document is an academic one it may sometimes require double quotation marks, otherwise the Australian option will be single ones. So let us proofread your work for you.

Proofreading vs Copyediting – What’s the difference?

Copyediting comes before proofreading. When a document is complete – whether it be a business brochure or a book, an essay or a government report – it then needs to be looked at in its entirety. It takes time to put any document together, so when it is finished it is often with relief that we might exclaim, ‘There, all done. Now I can rest.’ But it is not all done. Someone now needs to check it. After this, when all the necessary changes are made, then the document needs to be proofread to ensure there are no obvious errors.

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