We are professional resume writers in Melbourne and we produce personalised online resumes, no matter where you are. If you are writing a resume and you have had enough – come to us. We create resumes that work. It is one of our specialties and our resume writing service will do the perfect job for you.

Professional Resume Writing Services

Having a resume is important, but having a GOOD RESUME is essential when competing against other applicants. We don’t teach you how to write a resume – we do it for you.

After you approach us we speak with you, then request the information that you will need on your resume. This can be emailed to us, along with an old resume. Then we will schedule a phone interview where we will ask a number of questions to obtain the information we feel is necessary for producing a very good professional resume. From this we will begin to create your online resume.

Why Choose Us To Write Your Resume?


When we are writing a resume, we consider numerous layouts from various templates we have on hand. It is only after looking at your information that we create a resume format specifically for you. We work with you on your professional resume, rather than mass produce one that does not meet your needs. And we will.

We do not work on resumes full time. Our chief resume writer is a professional writer who does many other things. When he creates resumes it is with a fresh mind, and with the personal attention he would give to his own resume. Remember, you don’t need to know how to write a resume – we will do a professional resume for you.

Once your online resume is complete (and we can mail you hard copies also) we will send it to you for your examination. You may want to make some changes to the resume format or layout, and we will accommodate you. And if you need it, we do cover letters too.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are also important. Often an employer will want you to address specific criteria in your application. What you say about yourself and your skills, and what you say about your ability to do the job, are very important aspects of your job application. We can use your resume as the basis for creating your cover letter, or we can create a cover letter from scratch. Whichever way we go, we will write your cover letter in consultation with you.

Addressing Job Selection Criteria

Almost all professional employment vacancies require a separate document addressing certain criteria relevant to the position you are applying for. There can be anything from half a dozen to twenty questions being asked of you. Usually the focus is on your experience: the employer wants to know if you have a background in the tasks they will be requiring of you. We will interview you and then answer these questions on your behalf. This is an area we have a great deal of experience in.

We Prepare Resumes For Job Seekers In All Industries


We are based in Frankston Victoria but our clients come from throughout Australia. You may want a general resume, or a resume for nursing, accountancy, engineering, teaching, or perhaps a part-time job while you are at high school, university, raising a family or caring for a loved one. Whichever, we will meet your needs.

We have heard employees say that many job applicants do not even have a resume, and that most that are handed in are not professionally written or edited. I was told that, ‘Just having a good resume gives you a foot in the door’.

Another employer mentioned that any professional resume is good, but that one that provides what employers want to know is what really makes the difference. We take pride in creating such a resume.

We Can Write Resumes For Any Situation

Perhaps you are student fresh out of school, or a policeman who is changing professions, or a plumber seeking employment with a large company. Whichever the case, a professional resume (and a cover letter also if you need it) will make the difference.

If you require more information, please visit our contact page.