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Writings: All Your Writing and Editing Needs - Fees and QuotesPrices for writing, general editing, and editing of academic essays and theses (Honours, Masters, and PhDs) vary depending on the nature of the work, its length, the expertise required, and whether student or other discounts are applicable.

Discounts are negotiable for ongoing projects. Fees and payment plans are negotiable with every service, but with part-payment in advance. If preferred, we will charge a negotiated hourly fee.

We provide a free quote for any project. Upon request, and if practicable, we will provide an hour of obligation free editing for projects expected to take more than five hours.

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If you are wondering how expensive we are – we are not. Writings: all Your Writing and Editing Needs will do what it takes to work with you on a project we believe in.

Payment can be made by direct deposit, cash, PayPal or by money order

Please contact us for a quote or any queries.


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